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Welcome to the virtual home for the private nutrition therapy practice of Katherine Dittmann, MS, RD, eating disorder specialist, mindfulness meditation and yoga teacher.

Katherine is a registered dietitian who has worked in residential and outpatient treatment for eating disorders since 2006. Individual nutrition therapy appointments are available in San Francisco or via phone or Skype for distance clients. Katherine uses evidenced-based strategies and a no-gimmicks, just-the-facts approach to nutrition therapy founded on a few basic principles: 

  • All foods can fit, when eaten in moderation, within the context of an overall balanced and varied diet that meets one's energy needs.
  • Diets, in general, do not work.
  • You can learn to eat intuitively and trust your body.

What is a registered dietitian?

A registered dietitian (RD) holds at least a bachelor's degree in nutrition science (or related discipline) from an accredited university. Many dietitians have MS, MA, MPH, MSW, or PhD degrees as well. University programs in dietetics must meet specific standards set by the American Dietetic Association. All students complete a supervised internship and must pass a standardized credentialing exam. The curriculum for registered dietitians includes a solid background in the sciences, research and the scientific method, normal nutrition, nutrition related to various disease conditions, food science, food service, counseling and education, and management. Registered dietitians work in a variety of settings from hospitals, schools, and clinics to corporate wellness programs and private practice.


  • Eating disorders (anorexia and bulimia nervosa, binge-eating)
  • Chronic dieting (“Help! I want to get off!”)
  • Weight management and bariatric surgery
  • Food allergies
  • Selective eating disorder
  • Nutrition for wellness and chronic disease also available

Katherine has experience working with adolescents, young adults, men and women of all ages from a variety of backgrounds and lifestyles.

Treatment Team Participation

When working with eating disorders, a cooperative, team approach is vital. The treatment team usually includes a physician, therapist, and registered dietitian who are in regular communication with each other regarding the direction of treatment.


While meal plans may be helpful, if not essential, in the short term, the goal of our work together will be to develop a truly intuitive eating style. Intuitive eating can be described as listening to your body to tell you when to eat, how much, and what food you desire. It also involves giving yourself unconditional permission to eat and to not let your emotions unduly influence your eating. This may sound impossible, but with commitment, you can do it!

Some people find the practice of mindful eating helpful. With mindful eating, we learn to pay close attention to the enjoyment of food and the ritual of meal time—while leaving judgment at the door. It is a time to be fully present as you engage in the act of self-nourishment and develop a deep appreciation for the benefits you receive from food.

The big buzz these days is mindfulness! Unlike a typical counseling session, we will bring in experiential practices to get to the thoughts and feelings that come up around food and eating that may be keeping you stuck. I have been trained to teach the Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) protocol and will weave these techniques into our work to increase your ability to be kind to yourself. For more information on MSC, go here: http://www.centerformsc.org

As a certified yoga teacher, with special training in eating disorders, I can guide you to use yoga practice to reacquaint yourself with your body.  Studies have shown that women, in particular, who practice yoga are more in tune with their bodies and have higher levels of body satisfaction.

Nothing beats solid nutrition education for keeping eating problems at bay. Bring your questions about food and nutrition to me and we will work through them together in a rational, easy-to-understand fashion.


San Francisco, CA
3107 Fillmore Street (at Filbert), Suite 302


Phone: 415.515.4511
Email: katherine@katherinedittmannRD.com (please note spelling)

A few slots for sliding scale payments may be available based on commitment to therapy, therapeutic needs, and individual ability to pay. 

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